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Nurseries January 15, 2011

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So I realized the other day that I never posted final pictures of our nurseries!  I’m so excited with how they turned out.  Both nurseries have a modern theme with a couple owls thrown in for cuteness.  It was when I was browsing a vintage store when I decided to have owls in my nursery theme.  I found these cute vintage owls at Shine, a vintage store in Columbus.

The more I searched for owls, the more I realized that owls are popular again.  Lucky me!

As many of you already know, We have two homes and split our time between both homes.  I’m in Toledo for one week then in Columbus for the next week.  Therefore we have two nurseries.  Double the fun!  I wanted to keep the theme in both nurseries the same with the only difference being the colors.  Same brown and white crib bedding, same birch trees on the walls, just different accent colors.  The Columbus nursery is accented with orange.  To me, orange is way under used.  I just love a nice bright orange.

Unfortunately, I haven’t completely finished the Columbus nursery.  I have some wall shelves to hang, and a couple cute prints I got on Etsy that need a home.  The rocker hasn’t been moved to the nursery yet so we have a rocking horse holding its place.  Otherwise, here is our Columbus Nursery.





Of course we have the owl mobile that my mother made.  And as you can see from this picture, it turned out awesome and little Max LOVES it.

Here is a closer look at the mobile



And last but not least here is the adorable owl pillow to match the mobile

Now for the Toledo nursery.  We accented the Toledo nursery with green and blue.  The room is much bigger so we were able to fit 3 birch trees on the wall.  These trees were inspired by a tree wall decal I saw.  I had my mother paint them on the wall instead of forking out over $100 for the decals.  Love having an artist in the family!

The wicker rocking chair was in my nursery when I was a baby.  We just updated the fabric to match Max’s nursery.

Most of the cuteness credit has to go to my mother, Ms Lexie Blossom, who of course made all the owls, the changing pad covers, numerous pillows, and painted the birch trees.  I just couldn’t have these cute rooms without her.  Thanks mom!  I did make one thing in the room and I’m so excited how it turned out.  Did you notice the mobile?  I wrapped a stick with white yarn and mounted it to a towel holder.  Once the towel holder is mounted to the wall it will swivel outward.  How cool is that!

I have to give props to Addison.  On a playdate with Jackson at Wildwood Park in Toledo we went stick hunting, it was Addison who found this perfect stick for Max’s mobile.  Thanks girlie!  (by the way, Addison is 4)

Also, huge props to Ikea.  They had these fabric stretcher frames.  Love the instant art I was able to create with fabric!

So there it is.  Our little modern/vintage/owl nurseries and Max’s haven.  What do you think?


Trees! July 19, 2010

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Check out the trees my mother, artist extraordinaire Lexie Blossom, painted on a wall in our nursery. I just big puffy heart love love love these trees. I keep going into the nursery and looking at them. It is my new obsession. I haven’t touched clothes in 24 hours people, instead I stare at trees now. It’s good to have a healthy obsession… least that is what I tell myself.