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Owls! August 27, 2010

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I have a nursery teaser for you guys!  My ultimate crafty, creative, artistic mother Ms. Lexie Blossom, has been helping me decorate my nursery.  Let me just say my nursery would not be as original and cute if it weren’t for her.  She inspires me to be creative, and when we talk, I just feel her creativeness oozing into my blood.  I actually get good ideas when she is in the room!

So, Lexie Blossom made these owls for my nursery.  Go ahead and write me to tell me how adorable they are!  She reads the blog, she will see your swooning.  And it is okay to be jealous too.

Owl Pillow - Columbus Nursery

Little Owl - Columbus Nursery

Owl pillow - Toledo Nursery

Little Owl - Toledo Nursery

Another little owl - Toledo Nursery


Picky Eaters and How to Deal With Them August 1, 2010

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How many times have we mothers told our children “If you take 4 more bites you can have dessert” or “If you eat all your vegetables you can have a special treat”? Yes, I know mothers have the best intentions when we are trying to bribe our children to be healthy. I admit I say these things to Jackson. But let me share with you a simple method of handling meal times that will change how your child eats and more importantly it will change how you react to his/her eating.

Jackson, at the age of 3 had turned into a picky eater. Implementing this feeding method helped tremendously. The method is called the Division of Responsibility coined by Ellyn Satter.
A great article was published that summarizes the Division of Responsibility method, written by Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, Registered Deititian, and creator of This article is posted here.

RaiseHealthyEaters is my all time favorite blog for great information on feeding our children. For the entire Picky Eating Series, here are all the articles.
I had the honor of being quoted in her last couple articles on picky eating
10 Pitfalls to Feeding Picky Eaters
and this latest titled 15 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

I encourage you to read these articles. As I spoke about in Maryann’s article 15 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy the biggest problem to kids eating healthy are the parents. It is harder to change our ways than it is to change the ways of a 4 year old. Trust me, I still struggle.

I hope this information helps make your meal times more peaceful and your household more structured. Enjoy!


Trees! July 19, 2010

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Check out the trees my mother, artist extraordinaire Lexie Blossom, painted on a wall in our nursery. I just big puffy heart love love love these trees. I keep going into the nursery and looking at them. It is my new obsession. I haven’t touched clothes in 24 hours people, instead I stare at trees now. It’s good to have a healthy obsession… least that is what I tell myself.


Nursery Inspirations July 17, 2010

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At the Lindsey households we are preparing two nurseries for the arrival of our little guy. I have picked up some items over the last couple months that are serving as my inspiration pieces for each nursery. A lot of my inspiration comes from the beautiful and creative crafts on Etsy. Here are a couple shots of all the items and fabric I have collected. As we get the rooms set up I will continue to post more pictures.

Both Nurseries will have dark brown and white furniture and this brown and white crib bedding from Target.

Toledo nursery will have green and blue accents.

Toledo's Nursery Inspirations

Toledo Nursery Inspirations

Columbus nursery will have orange accents.

Columbus Nursery Inspirations

Notice the owls sneaking their way into my theme? I just cannot get enough of those cutie patuties. I just love owls and luckily, I’m seeing owl stuff popping up everywhere. Yea!

I will post more pictures when the nursery is done. We are hoping to finish the Toledo nursery over the next couple weeks. The Columbus nursery will not be finished until September.

I’m getting that need to nest and with the nurseries not being done, I keep going into the closet and touching and looking at the new baby clothes I have bought. I touch the clothes 3 or 4 times a day. I need help.

Here is where I bought everything.

Toledo Picture 1:
Braemore fabric collection from
Fabric from Ikea (Canton, MI store)
Ceramic owl from SHINE (new Vintage goods store at Polaris mall, sister store is NEST at Easton). Here is a recent article about SHINE.

Toledo Picture 2:
Bird Pillow – handmade from this Etsy store
Fabric from Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby
Owl ceramic dish from SHINE

Columbus Nursery Picture:
Print titled “Best time of the Day” from Etsy Artist ZukZuk
Vintage Orange vase from Etsy store AuntieLindasAttic
Copper owl piggy bank from SHINE
Vintage plate and cup set – was in my little brother’s nursery. Repurposed!
Grapes – Vintage from SHINE.
Fabric is from Ikea (it is actually a duvet cover)


Cute Picture of the Day July 7, 2010

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Sorry for the lack of updates in the past couple weeks. I have been busy planning two nurseries! More to come on that soon….

Meanwhile, a few weeks back Jackson got together with his cousin, Matthew. They were eating ice cream for a treat and they both…at the same time…. lifted their bowl to their mouths to polish off every last drop. I luckily had my camera nearby and snapped a shot just in time!

Jackson and Matthew finishing ice cream

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


Urban Living June 4, 2010

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As many of you know, Michael already owned a beautiful condo in downtown Toledo when I met him. We still have the condo, along with a residence in Columbus. We debated selling the condo and moving to a more family friendly neighborhood in a suburb of Toledo. We didn’t and I don’t regret it at all. This was decision validated a couple weeks ago when I saw Jackson fishing off our balcony. Below are a couple pictures.
This weekend we are going to teach him how to ride his bike without training wheels. See, kids can be normal and still have fun living in a downtown urban setting. And I argue that it is forcing creativity out of Jackson.


Canning Dilemna June 3, 2010

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I’m so excited to get back into canning. It has been years since I canned anything. I’m starting with something easy, strawberry jam. Strawberries are almost in season up here in Toledo, the local nursery told me we can come pick next week! So I started looking at canners and accessories. I no longer own any canning items, lost those in the divorce. So, I look online for the best deals and discover that I cannot use your typical canner like this one pictured: 

Cheapest and typical canner


In our Toledo kitchen we have one of those glass/ceramic top stoves. Apparently you have to use a flat bottomed vat, and of course those cost $80. Whereas the typical black canner pictured above cost about $20. So then I found a genius solution that other ceramic stove owners came up with. Using an outdoor burner like this: 


Outdoor Burner

I loved this idea! When you are canning, it is typically during the hot summer months. The last thing you want to do is stand in your kitchen over a VERY large vat of boiling water processing jam. With this outdoor burner you can do your processing outside! the hose hooks it up to your propane tank on your grill, making it the most green option too! The only downside is the initial investment will be as much as buying the stupid flat bottomed vat. 

The cheapest option is to buy the typical black canner and take all my strawberries that I am picking in Toledo home to Columbus next weekend and can them there where I have a gas stove. 

Any suggestions? Should I make a larger initial investment so I can can at either household? Or save some money and strictly can in Columbus? 

Here are the options: 

1) Typical black canner with accessories (can only be used in Columbus) 

Pros: Cheap! 

Cons: Can only be used in Columbus house, canning inside 

Initial Investment: $60 

2) Stainless Steel flat bottomed canner with accessories (can be used at both houses) 

Pros: Can be used at both houses 

Cons: Expensive, canning inside 

Initial Investment: $120 

3) Outdoor burner, accessories (can 

Pros: Can be used at both houses, greenest option 

Cons: Expensive, canning outside (what if it is raining on the day I need to can?) 

Initial Investment: $90 

I need your vote!! Please leave a comment with your choice. 

Michael Lindsey’s vote will count twice.