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Overdue Update September 25, 2011

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First of all I have to apologize for the long delay in updating this blog.  Why no updates you ask?  Well, there is really no excuse but I will give you one:  Max became mobile and sleeps less, therefore less free time for mom.  I’m sure you understand and will forgive this momma.

Max is almost 11 months old now.  He is a professional crawler.  He loves to eat food, toys, and his brother.  He loves dogs and says “dog” even though we do NOT have a dog.  He also says dada, ball, Jackson (which sounds like “duh da”) and he moos like a cow and barks like a dog.

We had a fun summer.  We spent Jackson’s 6th birthday in Hocking Hills with the family.  Jackson got to zipline for the first time.  We took the boys to Kings Island where Jackson rode his first roller coaster and Max rode in a stroller all day.  But as you can see from the pictures below, despite the heat wave and being stuck in a stroller, he had a great time at Kings Island.  Here are some pictures of our summer.

Sun's out Guns Out

Max in his pool

Mike and Jackson at Kings Island

Max at Kings Island

Jackson on the zip-line course in Hocking Hills

Now lets talk about the last month. Whew, it has been a busy month! Max has had a rough month; first a bout of Hand Foot Mouth, then he cut his first tooth -Yea!, then another virus with a sore throat, then he cut his second tooth – Yea!, then came this week. He cut his 2nd tooth and Mommy thought we were in the clear. Mommy thought Max would return to his old self and be a happy baby that wasn’t in pain. Mommy was hoping to start a routine and a normal schedule because guess what, during this month Jackson started First Grade! But mommy was wrong. Mommy made toast for Max and spread a little peanut butter on it. While Max seemed to love it, he ate very little. We finished our meal and got down from the highchair when I noticed his face was red. Then his eye and lip started to swell. Ahh! Max got to round out his very difficult month in the ER. Don’t worry, Max is ok and so is Mom and Dad (in case you were worried about us too).

But after complaining that Jackson cannot pack Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches in his lunch because the school is peanut-free, we now have THAT kid for who the “peanut-free rule” was developed. Talk about Karma. For a house full of peanut LOVERS, this is been hard on us. But we will survive, we are tough! Here is a picture of Max in his little hospital gown in the ER. He looks pretty pitiful doesn’t he? Poor kid.

Max in the ER

What else? Well, how about we let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are pictures of the last month.

Jackson picking apples

We went apple picking. Jackson ate more than he picked. But he had fun. Did I mention that we brought all the neighborhood kids too? Yup, one kid hears we are going and then everyone in the neighborhood wants to come with us. We had to bring 2 cars because we just couldn’t say No to anyone.

All the neighbors and friends!

Max enjoyed apple picking too!

Jackson is a first grader now!

I hear you all asking: Where are the pictures with you Jennifer? Great question! Ha! I couldn’t find one darn picture with me in it! I must be taking all the pics or something. Anyway, just yesterday we posed in front of Brutus so there I am, alive and well.


And in case you were worried about Max, he is doing great. Here is Max this morning reading his favorite books.

Max reading


Max is fatter and more… March 8, 2011

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Sorry for the lack of postings, the last couple months have gotten away from me.

Max had his 4 month checkup yesterday and I am happy to report he is singlehandedly the reason why my back hurts.  He weighs a whopping 17 lbs and 8 ozs!  We had some bad news too.  The Dr confirmed my suspicions, Max has eczema.  And apparently there is a link to asthma so he will probably have that too.  I’m very happy that this was the only bad news.  We have a very healthy and happy baby!  Some good news for mommy – I can eat dairy and peanuts again!  Max has grown out of his dairy intolerance.  I gave up peanuts thinking it was causing the eczema, but I was wrong.  So, back to a normal diet for me.  The first dairy item I had was carrot cake with cream cheese icing!  Life is good again.  Anyone out there have any experience with eczema?  This is all very new to me.  Would love to hear from you.


Max has also received two haircuts in the last couple months.  His hairline is very unfortunate.  He seems to grow hair very fast on some parts of his head but none in other parts.  Regardless, he needed a trim to even it all out.  Mom and Dad gave him one.  As you can see from these pictures, he enjoyed it.    And by “he” I mean Michael.  Max couldn’t care less.













Jackson has been very busy not jumping on our new couch.  He will walk on it, run into it, anything he can do BUT jump on it.  You see, jumping on the new couch is not allowed.  But apparently we have to be more specific with our rules to encompass all movements.  Here is a picture of our new couch….LOVE IT!


Hope all is well with everyone!



The Fog is Lifting… November 18, 2010

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Max is here!  Max didn’t come during the full moon on Oct 23rd.  Max didn’t come when we had a record drop in barometric pressure a few days later.  Nope, mommy had to schedule his arrival.

Born October 29, 2010

8lbs 3ozs

20.75″ long

The fog is sleep deprivation is lifting….slowly.  And I am now finding time to actually take pictures of the boy.  Max is definitely Michael’s child.  I haven’t found one feature on this kid that is mine.

Not my nose, not my eyes, not my eyebrows, not my lips, not my widows peak…okay, maybe my hair color (sorry about that kid).




Not my fingers



Not my toes



But that is okay. My husband is handsome, so if I am to have a boy, he should look like his dad, right?!


Urban Living June 4, 2010

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As many of you know, Michael already owned a beautiful condo in downtown Toledo when I met him. We still have the condo, along with a residence in Columbus. We debated selling the condo and moving to a more family friendly neighborhood in a suburb of Toledo. We didn’t and I don’t regret it at all. This was decision validated a couple weeks ago when I saw Jackson fishing off our balcony. Below are a couple pictures.
This weekend we are going to teach him how to ride his bike without training wheels. See, kids can be normal and still have fun living in a downtown urban setting. And I argue that it is forcing creativity out of Jackson.


Getting Comfortable June 1, 2010

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Sorry for the delay everyone!  We have been super busy moving me into my new place in Muirfield.  I triple heart love my new place!  I have so much room now.  Jackson loves the new place too.  I can tell he does…. not because he tells me, and not because when we are out running errands or we are anywhere that is NOT the new home he asks “can we go to our new house now?”, no I can tell he loves this new place because he runs. He comes home and runs around the new place. He just runs and runs. That’s my Jackson.

Huge props go out to my in-laws, Linda & Joe and Karen & Bill! Thank you so much for helping with with unpacking of the POD and cleaning. My new place is so clean, I just hope I can keep it as clean as it is now. Let me just tell you how these ladies clean homes. When they offered to clean the foyer floor I said “ok, let me go get you the mop”.
Karen replies, “I don’t use a mop”.
Confused, I say, “I have a great mop and it will make the job easier!”
Karen says, “no we don’t use mops we get on our knees and scrubs floors.”
I look at my mother-in-law who is shaking her head in agreement.
“Alrighty” I reply. Who am I to argue that logic? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how my floors were cleaned. Two wonderful women were on their knees scrubbing my floors shiny clean. Gotta love that!

So, after spending a whole week getting settled in my new place, I am back in Toledo for almost two weeks. Feeling a little uneasy being here and still feeling like it is “Mike’s place” and not “Ours”, I decided to take on a mini project. I re-decorated the master bedroom to make it more feminine and comfortable. Now mind you, my husband actually did a great job decorating his place. However, the bedroom was, well…. it just wasn’t exciting and a room you wanted to show people. In fact, we usually closed the door when guests were over. Check out the before picture of our bedroom:

Our Bedroom BEFORE

Now, this is what our bedroom looks like now:

Our Bedroom AFTER

It turned out so lovely and I just adore it. I’m still looking for a print for the wall. But I figure that won’t happen overnight.

I also did a minor drawer reorganization in the kitchen and created a spice cabinet. More pictures to come of the spice cabinet endeavor.

Just a little rant …. Can I just tell how how freakin expensive it is to have two homes? Just think of everything in just your kitchen that you use often and you couldn’t live without. Include food, spices, tupperware, your favorite pans, dishes, mugs….well hopefully you are getting a picture. Well, imagine the cost of having TWO of ALL those items. Ugh, it is A LOT and I am trying to make these purchases logically while not breaking the bank either. So, anyway, more to come on that.
Now the rest of the week will be spent getting ready for Jackson’s 5th Birthday party this weekend. It is a Spiderman themed party for my little wall climber. And sticking with my tradition I will be making a Spiderman birthday cake. I was very close to buying one this year. But I decided instead I will stick with my tradition and instead of venturing into the land of 3-D Spidey cakes, I will stick with a simple Spidey design. Look out for pics of the party next week!


Update! May 11, 2010

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Sorry I have been out of touch.  We moved all my worldly possesions into a box and put it into storage.  Ever see those PODS parked in someone’s driveway?  They are genius.  Anyway, it is kinda depressing knowing your entire life fits into a box.

I am “living” with my husband in Toledo for a few weeks. This is really weird.  I am actually living with my husband.  To you, normal people, this may seem, well, normal.  But to Michael and I it is weird.  Michael and I started are relationship in two cities.  And with Jackson, we don’t see a time in our short term future where we will live in the same city.  Before you feel sorry for me, think about it.  I only see my husband on weekends when he is not working.  When he is available for projects.  When he is available to help and clean and do all those wonderful husbandly things we count on our men for.  It is actually quite nice.   Especially since Michael is very clean and loves to clean the house. 

So, the other new thing around our house is that I quit my job!  Michael told me recently that I retired. I’m going with that.  Quitting my job will enable a lot more family time especially when the baby comes.  We changed our custody arrangement so we have Jackson for a full week now before trading.  We still do a 50/50 split.  This will be fantastic for our summers.  This will allow lots more time in Toledo to visit all our loved ones up there.  Especially the ones with pools. 

So, with all the new time that I will spend in Toledo, I am now working on making Michael’s kitchen more comfortable for me.  In other words, I am buying stuff for his kitchen.  I was hoping to have enough kitchen stuff to bring some to his place, however I don’t own two sets of measuring cups and expensive pots and pans, etc.  So, we are trying to stock two kitchens and not spend tons of money.  So far, IKEA has been my savior for those little purchases.  However my list is slowly growing again with new items I just discovered we still need to buy. 

I am moving into a newer larger place in Dublin in two weeks.  I am very excited to have more room for Jackson to do his running.  Jackson likes to run, he will run in circles, run back and forth, run in a rectangle shape, just run run run.  He kinda reminds me of Forrest Gump in that way.

Tomorrow Michael and I will celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary.  We get to pretend that we are normal because we will be waking up together and go to sleep together despite the fact that our anniversary is on a Wednesday.  Yea! 

That’s all for now….as if that wasn’t enough.   I will have lots of postings with how we unpack and organize two homes, etc.  Keep checking back or you can subscribe for updates to my site, it is on your right….over there –>>