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Chunker December 7, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jennifer @ TheMommyArchives @ 4:38 pm

Our little Chunker had his 1 month checkup today.  Mr. Max now weighs 12lbs 6ozs!  That puts him in the 97% percentile for weight.  Yikes!  No wonder my biceps are looking good.

He is also cooing and smiling, both of which are 2 month milestones.  So it is safe to say that Max is developmentally advanced and very happy.  Duh!  Who wouldn’t be with Jackson as his big brother!  In fact, here is a picture I took yesterday of our little chunker with his big brother.  Don’t worry, he really does love his big brother.  That face is expressing love.  I swear.

Mad Max and Big Brother Jackson


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