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Owls! August 27, 2010

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I have a nursery teaser for you guys!  My ultimate crafty, creative, artistic mother Ms. Lexie Blossom, has been helping me decorate my nursery.  Let me just say my nursery would not be as original and cute if it weren’t for her.  She inspires me to be creative, and when we talk, I just feel her creativeness oozing into my blood.  I actually get good ideas when she is in the room!

So, Lexie Blossom made these owls for my nursery.  Go ahead and write me to tell me how adorable they are!  She reads the blog, she will see your swooning.  And it is okay to be jealous too.

Owl Pillow - Columbus Nursery

Little Owl - Columbus Nursery

Owl pillow - Toledo Nursery

Little Owl - Toledo Nursery

Another little owl - Toledo Nursery


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