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Canning Dilemna June 3, 2010

Filed under: Household — Jennifer @ TheMommyArchives @ 12:03 pm

I’m so excited to get back into canning. It has been years since I canned anything. I’m starting with something easy, strawberry jam. Strawberries are almost in season up here in Toledo, the local nursery told me we can come pick next week! So I started looking at canners and accessories. I no longer own any canning items, lost those in the divorce. So, I look online for the best deals and discover that I cannot use your typical canner like this one pictured: 

Cheapest and typical canner


In our Toledo kitchen we have one of those glass/ceramic top stoves. Apparently you have to use a flat bottomed vat, and of course those cost $80. Whereas the typical black canner pictured above cost about $20. So then I found a genius solution that other ceramic stove owners came up with. Using an outdoor burner like this: 


Outdoor Burner

I loved this idea! When you are canning, it is typically during the hot summer months. The last thing you want to do is stand in your kitchen over a VERY large vat of boiling water processing jam. With this outdoor burner you can do your processing outside! the hose hooks it up to your propane tank on your grill, making it the most green option too! The only downside is the initial investment will be as much as buying the stupid flat bottomed vat. 

The cheapest option is to buy the typical black canner and take all my strawberries that I am picking in Toledo home to Columbus next weekend and can them there where I have a gas stove. 

Any suggestions? Should I make a larger initial investment so I can can at either household? Or save some money and strictly can in Columbus? 

Here are the options: 

1) Typical black canner with accessories (can only be used in Columbus) 

Pros: Cheap! 

Cons: Can only be used in Columbus house, canning inside 

Initial Investment: $60 

2) Stainless Steel flat bottomed canner with accessories (can be used at both houses) 

Pros: Can be used at both houses 

Cons: Expensive, canning inside 

Initial Investment: $120 

3) Outdoor burner, accessories (can 

Pros: Can be used at both houses, greenest option 

Cons: Expensive, canning outside (what if it is raining on the day I need to can?) 

Initial Investment: $90 

I need your vote!! Please leave a comment with your choice. 

Michael Lindsey’s vote will count twice.  


4 Responses to “Canning Dilemna”

  1. Laura Says:

    I vote for the outdoor burner!

  2. Julia Says:

    I vote for the outdoor burner as well!

  3. Grandma Lindhorst Says:

    Hi Jen,

    Have you thought about freezer jam? I made it for years. Saves the heat and expense of supplies. That is; if you have room in the freezer.

  4. Amanda Says:

    I am cheap so I vote for the cheapest option, I know shocker. Two reasons 1) I am cheap and 2) I have a ceramic cooktop and while I like the look I look forward to it “breaking” in the next few years so I can go back to gas…so next house will probably have gas. ok and reason 3) what a great thing to do when it’s raning/snowing etc. I am sure if I had that outdoor option, Cal would try and figure out to use it with some crazy task with his friends in a few years…I see it now..burned off eyebrows, hair etc…

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