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Getting Comfortable June 1, 2010

Filed under: Decorating,Family Updates — Jennifer @ TheMommyArchives @ 4:15 pm

Sorry for the delay everyone!  We have been super busy moving me into my new place in Muirfield.  I triple heart love my new place!  I have so much room now.  Jackson loves the new place too.  I can tell he does…. not because he tells me, and not because when we are out running errands or we are anywhere that is NOT the new home he asks “can we go to our new house now?”, no I can tell he loves this new place because he runs. He comes home and runs around the new place. He just runs and runs. That’s my Jackson.

Huge props go out to my in-laws, Linda & Joe and Karen & Bill! Thank you so much for helping with with unpacking of the POD and cleaning. My new place is so clean, I just hope I can keep it as clean as it is now. Let me just tell you how these ladies clean homes. When they offered to clean the foyer floor I said “ok, let me go get you the mop”.
Karen replies, “I don’t use a mop”.
Confused, I say, “I have a great mop and it will make the job easier!”
Karen says, “no we don’t use mops we get on our knees and scrubs floors.”
I look at my mother-in-law who is shaking her head in agreement.
“Alrighty” I reply. Who am I to argue that logic? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how my floors were cleaned. Two wonderful women were on their knees scrubbing my floors shiny clean. Gotta love that!

So, after spending a whole week getting settled in my new place, I am back in Toledo for almost two weeks. Feeling a little uneasy being here and still feeling like it is “Mike’s place” and not “Ours”, I decided to take on a mini project. I re-decorated the master bedroom to make it more feminine and comfortable. Now mind you, my husband actually did a great job decorating his place. However, the bedroom was, well…. it just wasn’t exciting and a room you wanted to show people. In fact, we usually closed the door when guests were over. Check out the before picture of our bedroom:

Our Bedroom BEFORE

Now, this is what our bedroom looks like now:

Our Bedroom AFTER

It turned out so lovely and I just adore it. I’m still looking for a print for the wall. But I figure that won’t happen overnight.

I also did a minor drawer reorganization in the kitchen and created a spice cabinet. More pictures to come of the spice cabinet endeavor.

Just a little rant …. Can I just tell how how freakin expensive it is to have two homes? Just think of everything in just your kitchen that you use often and you couldn’t live without. Include food, spices, tupperware, your favorite pans, dishes, mugs….well hopefully you are getting a picture. Well, imagine the cost of having TWO of ALL those items. Ugh, it is A LOT and I am trying to make these purchases logically while not breaking the bank either. So, anyway, more to come on that.
Now the rest of the week will be spent getting ready for Jackson’s 5th Birthday party this weekend. It is a Spiderman themed party for my little wall climber. And sticking with my tradition I will be making a Spiderman birthday cake. I was very close to buying one this year. But I decided instead I will stick with my tradition and instead of venturing into the land of 3-D Spidey cakes, I will stick with a simple Spidey design. Look out for pics of the party next week!


3 Responses to “Getting Comfortable”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Ooo I love the new decor !!

  2. Laura Says:

    I love your new bedding!

  3. Wendy Says:

    Get some handmade art from Etsy for the bedroom walls!!

    Looks great, Jen.

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