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Snacks are Mini Meals April 13, 2010

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Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RD writes a blog about children’s eating habits on Raise Healthy Eaters.  If you have children, and they eat food, then this is a must read blog! 

She recently wrote a post about children and snacking Is Your Kid a “Good” or “Bad” Snacker?.  I have found that I am doing great with planning healthy meals for Jackson, but I often forget about the other two meals of the day – the snacks!  Maryann says you should treat snacks as mini-meals. 

Calling it a mini-meal turned on a lightbulb for me – Of course it is a mini-meal!  Kids only have 3 meals and two mini-meals per day, so if we give them junk food for their mini meals, we are losing valuable opportunities to get healthy options in their bellies.  

 Calling it a snack said to me “just get something in them to tie them over until dinner”.  However, calling it a mini-meal made helps to make the snack sound more important to me.  It may even make me feel guilty if I let him have those fruit snacks instead of a healthier option.  Who says a little guilt is a bad thing?


2 Responses to “Snacks are Mini Meals”

  1. Thanks for recommending my site! Mini meals (AKA snacks) are an important part of kids’ diets. But it’s also okay to provide non-nutritious foods during snacks so kids don’t feel deprived. So a couple times a week you might want to provide Jackson with cookies and milk or fruits snacks etc. The key is to provide healthier options 80-90% and fun foods the other times.

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